24 March 2009

Charlie finally got a motorcycle!

Finally!! After all of these years and who knows how many Ford Mustangs (I’ve lost count), Charlie has finally come to his senses and bought a road (and trail) worthy motorcycle! If you get the chance, hop on over to his site here and say “Hey!”

In addition to his posts about his work, I can expect more riding reports and observations from his blog in the future from now on. Personally, I think that he should name his blog with a motorcycle slant; I don’t know maybe “Two wheeled Charlie” or “Charlie Two wheels?”.................nah those are both a little upsetting. If you visit his site, maybe you can come up with something a little more creative than that and leave a comment. Trust me, he has a sense of humor, even though he packs a gun and taser for a living, I doubt that he would use it on any one of us......................well, maybe the taser, I'm not sure.

KLR anyone?

That's Charlies bike on the left (reminiscent of Gary Charpentier's frogwing I believe) and of course that's mine on the right looking like baby huey with it's tall windscreen and aluminum bags (post coming up in the future on the new saddlebags). We took the two bikes out last Saturday for a quick ride to the valley so that I could buy a Montana backroads atlas for some upcoming rides into the high backcountry this summer.

Be sure to stop by and finally welcome him to the wonderful world of motorcycling...............finally!

Ride Well



Sojourner rides said...

Hi Earl, nice post. Two very good looking bikes too. Looking forward to checking more on the two of you.

Charlie said...

Yea Yea, about time right? So anyways I am just jacked about some rides this year. Just need a little more gear and I will be set. Thanks for the promo on my blog as well.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Earl Thomas and Charlie:

Famous last words: "Just need a little more gear and I'll be set."

Hahahahahahahaha.... Ad infinitum.

There is never enough gear. There is always one more cool thing. And when you get the bike exactly the way you want it, you'll buy another.

Congratulations Charlie! Nice post Earl.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Allen Madding said...

Congrats, Charlie. Welcome to the two wheel brotherhood.


Baron's Life said...

Hey welcome aboard...good luck bud.

Webster World said...

In the wind he is.

Webster World said...

Had to come back and ask you this. The barn picture. Barns are normally designed with a culture or religion attached. Like Quaker, Amish and such. Do you have an answer to what group settled there and built this style barn?

Earl Thomas said...

Sojourner: With the warmer weather, there will no doubt, be something to be inspired to write about once again.

Charlie: Brace yourself, with a little more gear your wallet is about to hemorrage!

Jack Riepe: No sooner do I get that item that I told myself I needed, something else always seems to present itself.

Webster World: Actually I do know a little bit about that particular barn, there is a story there. I'll have to write a post about it soon, possibly this weekend.

Ride Well


Touring Motocycle Tires said...

You mean Charlies first motorcycle was in 2009? I am surprised. I have always thought that Charlie has been riding all his life! But its good for him because now he is a great rider and writer too.