21 March 2009

Beware!! The Vampire Duck!!!

I always kind of wondered if anyone ever noticed the URL to this blog, at least one person did. A couple of weeks ago, Fasthair had wondered in a post, how I came up with the name “the vampire duck” for my blog site. I wish that I had an interesting story to tell here, but I don’t. Anyways, here’s the story.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was thumbing through a box full of my old notebooks that dated back to when he and I were in High School. They were filled with random entries and thoughts that I had written down over the years, basically my own version of journaling, if you want to call it that.
Some of the entries were just one line sentences while others were fairly long essays, some were a little poetic, and some were total nonsense, and then there were a few others that I kind of found myself a little impressed that such thoughts ever tripped out of my head and fell onto a piece of paper.

At some point he suggested that I should try blogging.
I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about so naturally, I googled it. That’s how I came across “blogger.com.”

It was during the registration process while I was creating my blog that I had to come up with an original domain name for my site. What I thought were original names, all turned out to be taken by someone more original than me. A little annoyed with this, I thought, “what interests me that most people wouldn’t have a clue about.” Vampire ducks of course! “Blogger.com” seemed to agree with my request and the domain name was accepted. So what in the world is a vampire duck? In a nutshell “Duckula”. Okay, so what in the world is a Duckula?

photo taken from Wikipedia

Duckula was a wonderful (to me at least) adult humor British cartoon that aired back in the late 80’s. I never got too offended when some folks confessed to not understanding the humor, for me, I thought that it was brilliant and to this day it ranks right up there with “The Big Lebowski” for its ability to make me giggle like stoner from beginning to end (You don’t have to be a stoner to giggle like one, you'll just have to trust me on this).

I have to admit that I have tendency to play out in right field a little too deep; most folks don’t always quite “get me”........ I’m okay with that.

When I originally created this blog, I didn’t know really what I wanted to do with it, so I spent about a year looking at other blogsites and found that I really enjoyed visiting the motorcycle blogs, all of them, from the scooter sites to the ones that focused on the big American Iron. That’s when I decided to focus this site, “thevampireduck” on motorcycles and my own personal experiences and changed the name to “Two Wheels and an Engine”.

Since then, I have created another site, kind of a ghost site at the moment. Currently it is used as an experimental place where I can try different things, a learning tool of sorts that if I totally screw things up, I can always start over and try something else. Kind of like a parts car that I brainstorm with. Not surprisingly, I named that site “Duckspotting”; can you see a trend here?

I’ve been considering opening that site up and using it as a conduit to some of my other interests, things like my recent curiosity in photography and for some of my non-motorcycle related posts (I journal about all sorts of things, that tends to happen when you play deep right field). Well see, I’ll keep you posted.

So you see, in a nutshell, “the vampire duck” has nothing to do with motorcycles and more to do with a glimpse of one the peculiar interests of a motorcyclist who likes to play the outfield a little deeper than most might be used to.

Ride Well



fasthair said...

Mr. Earl: I must be in deep right field with you because I'm giggling right along as I read this. Too funny.

Now I'm going to have to Google Duckula and see if I can find any of the shows on You Tube.


Baron's Life said...


Lady Ridesalot said...

Interesting! It's funny what fuels our imaginations, heh? Great post and great blog.

BTW... I like good ghost story too!

Troubadour said...

I loved Duckula, forgot all about it.

Thanks for the jog in memory, m'lord.

Earl Thomas said...

Fasthair: You'll know it's me out there in right field when you see a guy chewing on the leather strings of his baseball glove and dreaming about Cocoa and Chocky binkies (Duckula reference there).

I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few episodes to check out on You Tube.

Baron's Life: I know!

Lady Ridesalot: It is funny what fuels our imaginations, a little spooky at times as well.

Troubadour: It's comforting to find that more people than I realized loved the show, sometimes I felt like I'm the only one who "got it".

After googling "Duckula" when I was writing this post, I realized that there are a lot of folks out there who are as bent as I am! It's good to know that I am not alone.

Ride Well


bobskoot said...

ET: must confess, never heard of Duckula, I thought it had something to do with "Duck" and "draCULA" when you first mentioned it.
I suppose that we're all in left field, and perhaps, DUCKS of the same feather

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

irondad said...

So you're a little weird. That's different from the rest of us, how?

The story of how it came about is entertaining. I always enjoy finding out about these things.

Earl Thomas said...

Bobskoot: Ducks of a same feather, hmmm....yeah I can agree with that, come on out here to right field there's plenty of room for all of us odd ducks.

Irondad: I think that I would fail to define my own "weirdness", probably because it's so normal to me. That's best left to those who know and have observed my weirdness firsthand.

I don't disagree that we are all weird though.

Harley Motorcycle Tires said...

That's an interesting story! I always look at the name of your blog, "Vampire Duck" and what i thought might have inspired you to use it is this; I thought that in one of your adventurous rides in the forest, maybe you came across a duck that looked like a vampire!
I wish you gave us an assignment ( your blog readers) To come up with what each thinks is the origin of the title Vampire Duck! You could have seen stories that you have never thought of in your life!