07 December 2008

A small change

With the skies around here changing from countless days of sunshine all summer long, to the grey looming ceiling that is now present and probably won't disappear in it's entirety for the next few months, I needed something to remind me of what will be coming back. That is, warm and gentle summer evenings, therefore, I thought that I would change my blog title photo to remind me that those days will return.

The day that I took this photo, the weather was more than just a little warm, the temperatures were up in 100's. I took a ride during the evening when the temperature was starting to cool off a little and stopped here at the top of a small butte out in the Palouse.

Even though the daytime heat was stifling, the ride that I took that evening and on into the night was a memorable one. With the shorter cloud covered days dominating the weather here now, I just needed something to remind me that those warm summer evenings will return.

Ride well