22 July 2009

Help! I need some advice from my two wheeled friends.

So lately my wife has been working alot of evening shifts, and for the past couple months has been carpooling with a male co-worker. At first I didn't mind, I would rather have someone with her in case she has car trouble or something like that, but it seems that they have become a little bit more than friends. You know the scenario, the phone calls that hangup, she starts wearing nice clothes to work, talking about him all the time, etc. I don't know what to think. If I'm out in the garage when she gets home (usually after midnight) he just drops her off and leaves, but if the lights are off in the garage and I'm in the house (they think I'm sleeping) they sit out in the car for like twenty minutes. I asked her once what they were doing, she said "just talking"....whatever. So last night I decide that I'm going to see what really goes on out there. I leave the garage door open, but turn out all the lights. About the time she usually gets home, I go out and hide in the garage and wait. In a few minutes, his car pulls into my driveway, and I'm hiding behind my bike. When his headlights shine through the garage and onto my bike, I see some thing that I just can't believe. The rear sprocket is already worn and hooked but the chain looks OK. Do you think I should change just the sprocket or the chain and sprocket?

This is not my post, I took it from one of the members of a riders forum that I belong to. Some of you may have already read this one, I think that he got it from someone else.

Ride Well and remember to always maintain your chain and sprocket.......if you have one.


19 July 2009

No rest

I can’t seem to stop grinning. All the way home this evening, from Shannon’s house to mine, I couldn’t stop it. Why? Well.........

Montana stream

We’ve been pretty busy lately, Charlie and I. I noticed that he has been as delinquent in his posting as I have. But rest assured, we are both still around and kicking, and riding the wheels off of the bikes. In time, as things slow down, he and I will both have the time to get back to the blogs and the ride reports; I can’t believe that the summer is already half over. It always flies by.

Back to the grinning.

I’ve received more than a few comments and emails in the past few weeks from folks regarding my lack of posts and ride reports and I wanted to be sure to let everyone know that I am currently working on the ride into the wilderness that Charlie and I took about a month ago.

My goal this evening when I got home was to give a quick report on our ride; 600+ miles of Idaho and Montana’s finest wilderness over a four day trip. As I reflected on the trip and how I would report the events, I couldn’t stop grinning. We had a blast.

Our wilderness accomodations

I have a lot to share and in time, I will. I’m just waiting for things to quiet down before I get back to my normal routines.

There will be reports of remote Mountain Vistas, and the wildlife. The back country locals both human and insect and even a report about ear wax (Trying to figure out how to fit that one in tastefully).

One of the locals

There were the frequent challenges of navigating through snow and mud, a flat tire and the subsequent theft of a bicycle pump by yours truly to get back to camp.

I am grinning as I type this.

Charlie navigating yet another flooded road

Hang in there, Charlie and I will both be back as soon as our schedules permit, until then.......

Ride Well