06 April 2008

This is a test, this is only a test

This post is more of an experiment than anything. It has been driving me crazy that I have been unable to post multiple pictures in a single entry. When I decided to start my own blogsite, it was important to me to be able to do that. With any luck, perhaps I have figured it out.

The first picture is what I have to look forward to about four weeks from now on my daily commute to work, it was taken in the first or second week of May of last year.

This part of Washington is what is know as Palouse country; I've decided that one of the goals of this blogsite is to try to introduce to the reader the diversity of both this region and the Inland Northwest the best that I can via motorcycle.

The photo's of the same barn above and below are also along my daily commute and I decided to make the barn a seasonal subject to show how the landscape varies throughout the year. I chose it out of convenience during my commute; I'm able to jump off the bike rather quickly here take a few shots and be back on my way. They were were taken a month apart, the one below was June 22, 2007 and the one above July 23, 2007. This barn is also on the side bar of the site with the Spring wildflowers in the foreground.

Hopefully this journal entry publishes onto my site the way that I am hoping, if so, I am really looking forward to moving on with my project. There is so much to see out here in the Inland Northwest, all of it very accessible by motorcycle, I hope that I can convey, in an entertaining way, how I feel about this part of the country that I fell in love with 15 years ago.

I have a lot to learn.....Any advice?

Part of my 22 mile loop I refer to as "The Block"

Perhaps I jinxed myself by getting the new bike this early. This morning I woke up, lacking energy, an appetite, and any desire to wander too far from my bed. I think that maybe I have managed to catch whatever has been going around at work. The weather outside has managed to shatter any expectations that I may have had of riding today; maybe if I didn’t ache so much I would go out for a quick sprint around “The block”. What I refer to as “The block” is a 22 mile loop through the wheat fields of my Palouse country. Instead, I think that I’ll just sit down here, put on some George Winston, and continue to try to figure out this whole blogging experience. Some things I have yet to figure out.

Inserting pictures in the middle of the text so that they follow the storyline is one mystery that I have yet to solve, I know that it’s possible because everybody else does it, but I have yet to work this out. Currently the only thing that I am able to do is insert the picture at the top of the text. If anyone knows what I am missing.......

Next on my list is to find a simple digital SLR camera.

My knowledge in this area is somewhat limited; I enjoy shooting a lot of landscapes, therefore I don’t think that I need something that can fire off an astounding frame per second rate. Also, I make no pretense about being a serious photographer, if I see something that gets my attention, I shoot it. I think that I will enjoy going digital because of the instant gratification of being able to see the results immediately, if I don’t like what I see, I can simply delete it, setup the camera differently, and try again. For a self experimenting amateur like myself, this appeals to me. Currently I have a little point and shoot digital that I bought a year or so ago just to see if I would enjoy shooting this way, and I do, it just limits me in experimenting with set-up.

My favorite time of year around here is coming up and I have a few summer motorcycle trips planned as well that I would like to keep a photo journal of, any advice for an amateur photographer like me would really be appreciated here.