06 April 2008

I have a lot to learn.....Any advice?

Part of my 22 mile loop I refer to as "The Block"

Perhaps I jinxed myself by getting the new bike this early. This morning I woke up, lacking energy, an appetite, and any desire to wander too far from my bed. I think that maybe I have managed to catch whatever has been going around at work. The weather outside has managed to shatter any expectations that I may have had of riding today; maybe if I didn’t ache so much I would go out for a quick sprint around “The block”. What I refer to as “The block” is a 22 mile loop through the wheat fields of my Palouse country. Instead, I think that I’ll just sit down here, put on some George Winston, and continue to try to figure out this whole blogging experience. Some things I have yet to figure out.

Inserting pictures in the middle of the text so that they follow the storyline is one mystery that I have yet to solve, I know that it’s possible because everybody else does it, but I have yet to work this out. Currently the only thing that I am able to do is insert the picture at the top of the text. If anyone knows what I am missing.......

Next on my list is to find a simple digital SLR camera.

My knowledge in this area is somewhat limited; I enjoy shooting a lot of landscapes, therefore I don’t think that I need something that can fire off an astounding frame per second rate. Also, I make no pretense about being a serious photographer, if I see something that gets my attention, I shoot it. I think that I will enjoy going digital because of the instant gratification of being able to see the results immediately, if I don’t like what I see, I can simply delete it, setup the camera differently, and try again. For a self experimenting amateur like myself, this appeals to me. Currently I have a little point and shoot digital that I bought a year or so ago just to see if I would enjoy shooting this way, and I do, it just limits me in experimenting with set-up.

My favorite time of year around here is coming up and I have a few summer motorcycle trips planned as well that I would like to keep a photo journal of, any advice for an amateur photographer like me would really be appreciated here.

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