04 April 2008

First ride home

Here's the new bike after the first ride home. I decided that I should buy the saddlebags and tailbag now, before I procrastinate another couple of years about those. The temperature was a cold 50 degrees with a strong headwind blowing right in my face. Being the optimistic fool that I am, I grabbed my warm weather riding jacket with a light liner (I was wearing a heavy sweater as well) and a pair of my summer gloves. Considering the bitter headwind for the thirty mile ride home, I felt that the new fairing did a good job, and the large hand guards kept my hands warm enough to ride safely. This weekend I have got to try to find a spare cord somewhere around town for my vest, and don't forget to pack the cold weather gloves!

1 comment:

Steve Williams said...

Beautiful motorcycle. The green is nice and subdued.

If I were to add something to my garage the KLR is definitely on the list to consider. Seems like the perfect all around machine for what I do.

Good luck with it and be careful.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks