15 June 2009

Into the Wilderness!

Montana High Country

Charlie and I are off! As I type this the KLR is loaded up with gear and we will be in the High Country soon. We'll be exploring the backcountry wilderness of Northwestern Montana near the Canadian border. Reports to follow.

I can't stay and keep posting, it's time to roll!

Ride Well



Charlie said...

Is that a pic from 1993 when we were up there in the Blazer. Man I can't wait.

bobskoot said...


Is that supposed to be Canada in the background ? can't be. No igloos and No RCMP riding around on their horses wearing those red tunics and jackets

have a nice trip

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Derek said...

Ride safe.

Lance said...

Have a great time, and looking forward to your reports!

Earl Thomas said...

Charlie-Yep, that's a 1993 photo.

bobskoot-Actually that picture was taken looking South-southwest. I'm guessing somewhere in the vicinity of the Idaho-Montana border.

I kept a lookout for Dudley Dooright of the RCMP and his red jacket, but Charlie and I never saw him.

Derek and Lance- Will do, reports are to follow soon.

Baron's Life said...

Looking forward to your reports...ride safe

bobskoot said...


you must be having the times of your lives, in the wilderness on this extended trip.

waiting in earnest for your ride reports

bobskoot: wet coast scootin