03 August 2008

A little updating is in order

Okay, so the day's ride is over, the Kawasaki and I have tucked the sun in for the night; time to come back home and do a little updating on the site.

I wanted to give the new blog roll feature a test drive by using four of my links to see how well it worked, and if it was something that I would like to use. Turns out, I like it a lot. Now I can see who has new posts and who doesn't.

With that decision made, next in line was to update my links list and add them to my blog roll.

This summer, the number of sites that I frequent on a regular basis has grown quite a bit and I've been meaning to do this for awhile now.

I gave the scooter links their own separate list because I can foresee this list growing rather quickly in the future. Scooterists (or is it Scootertista, Scootertisti? I'm still learning the lingo.) seem to have something to say, and I want to be there to read about it.

Ride Well



Kano said...

I like it alot and your right, seeing who has new posts will be a big time saver. I'm thinking of doing the same on my blog but first I'll need to get rid of some of the clutter!

Joe said...

Thank you so much for the link over to Scootin' da Valley. I never expected anything better than obscurity when I started it, but thanks to you and a few other of the "big dogs" of bike blogs I'm actually getting readers! It means a lot that you visit and comment. Thank you!

- Joe @ Scootin' da Valley

Lance said...

Nice updates Earl - I really enjoy reading about your bike experiences. As you know, I started out a scooterist (scooterista sounds good too), but have been eyeing motorcycles, so that may be in the future for me. I just purchased a Honda CT90 - with clutchless shifting - so maybe I am just one step away!

John McClane said...

I like scooterista! Plural maybe scooterati

Doug C said...

I saw this feature on the Google Reader home page and wondered about it. Your "test" confirms that it will be a time saver and I may be adding the module myself.

Doug C

Earl Thomas said...

Kano; No sooner did I decide to do this, the very next day, I noticed something was wrong with the list that didn't work right. I went back to the old format until blogger gets it figured out. At least I was able to update my links list.

Joe; No problem, now I can keep an eye on what your doing over there a little more easily, hopefully others will as well, I really enjoy your site.

Lance; The CT90 is a step in the right direction. Much like the Cessna 150/152 is to student pilots, it has probably introduced more people to the sport and trained more budding motorcyclists than any other motorcycle. Growing up there was always somebody riding on in our circle of friends.

John; I like scooterati, it even sounds cool!

Doug C; Give it a little more time to see if blogger can get this thing, whatever it is, worked out. The feature worked fine for a couple of weeks and then it just kind of started doing its own thing. Trying to figure that type of stuff out on my own just makes my head hurt. I went back to the old way for a little while longer.


Charlie said...

I could use a little tutoring on a few things here Earl.

Steve Williams said...

The appearance of your blog is inviting. The KLR is on my secret bikes of envy list so it has double appeal with the banner image.

I have been updating my blogroll and added "Two Wheels and an engine". Others need to see the KLR as well.

As far as what to call the scooter people.... I refer to us as "riders". *grin*

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks