07 June 2008

This post is one that I brought over from "Keep the Rubber Side Down."

June 4th, 2008 by rick

Favorite brand of bike? Doesn't really matter although there are quite a few that I could never imagine owning personally.
Favorite color of bike? For most, I have no real preference, but I do prefer my Ducati's to be red if it's not a problem.
Do you always wear a helmet? Religiously, ATGATT.
Most miles ridden in a day? Somewhere around the 1200 mile mark. I've never really logged the exact mileage or time to the hour. Quite a few 24 hour marathon rides though.
Do you belong to a riding club? Nah, I'm one of those lone wolf types.
How many bikes do you personally own? Two, KLR650 and an XS11. There is probably a boxer somewhere in the near future.
Do you wave at passing bikers? I try to, but like Rick says, I hate getting dissed.
How many brand t-shirts do you own? No t-shirts, I'm more of a hat guy myself. Currently, I have a Ducati Corse, a BMW, and a classic logo Triumph lid.
Do people think you are obsessed with motorcycles? Pretty sure of that.
What is your favorite type of riding? Solo, long distance stuff. The more time spent on the bike, the better.
Do you have any riding superstitions? No, but my motorcycle riding form has always been very similar in posture and foot placement on the pegs to riding English on horses. I don't post on a motorcycle like I would on a horse. That would just confirm my insanity.

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