13 June 2008

Resting with friends

Out on the Southwestern edge of the Palouse Country, where wheat fields border the Channeled Scablands of Central Washington, I traveled down an ordinary two lane road.

Resting alongside this highway for about thirty minutes or so, only two cars passed by, a flat bed Ford pick-up and a grain truck. Both slowed momentarily, checking to make sure that I was okay, my friendly wave confirming that I was.

Scattered Cumulus overhead, temperature in the mid 60's.

A friendless stretch of highway. I sat there on the inclined shoulder, in the knee high grass and observed Quarter horse Mother's and their foals, tails swaying from hind quarter to hind quarter. Inquisitive glances my way, ears perked. Filly's and Colts perfecting their canter.

The wind was soft, easy on my face, making the wheat grass hiss and shimmer; occasionally the sun would appear and warm me ever so slightly and then shy away behind another cloud.

Delicate aromas of Lilac and various wild Spring blossoms carried on the breeze.

As I sat, I realized that this lonesome road isn't so friendless after all.
Quarter horse Mothers
and their Foals.
The play on light against the landscape as the sun ducked between clouds.
Wildflower bouquets,
and the wheat swaying in the gentle wind, and for the moment, me and my bike.


Heinz & Frenchie said...

Nice part of the country you live in. Thanks for stopping by our blog. You wondered at our enthusiasm for riding scooters. One can smell the roses!

Kano said...

Great riding country over there. I havn't been to Palouse but I've spent a lot of time around Yakima when I was in the Army and visited Walla Walla several times when my brother lived there. It's amazing how Washington and Oregon change completely once over on the east side of the Cascades.

Rick said...

Well said. One of the things I love about riding is all of the scents and aromas one can smell. At least most of the smells.

Earl Thomas said...

heinz & frenchie; It's pretty interesting out here, quiet too. Population density in this part of the country is minimal, a great place to rest and reflect.

kano; I feel that you and I are blessed to live in this part of the country. While I haven't really traveled beyond her borders, I have covered all of the lower 48 and while it is all beautiful, I don't beleive there is any another place that matches the diversity of weather and landscape that we have here in the Northwest.

Rick; Sometimes I have to remind myself to exhale!