29 June 2008

This whole blogging thing

At times I find myself a little surprised at how few people actually keep a personal journal for themselves. To a certain degree, I have always kept journals. Nothing too rigid or disciplined mind you; my entries are usually ramblings that I have experienced throughout my life. Some of them a simple sentence, others go on for thousands of words. The most rewarding aspect that I have learned about writing down my thoughts is going back and reading my journal entries from decades ago. A simple sentence can rekindle an experience in detail that I had twenty years ago; something that I would have long ago forgotten had I not written it down.

Blogging has brought forth a new aspect of journaling for me. While I still keep my various paper notebooks lying around for my own private posts, I’ve discovered that the experience of journaling online has introduced me to a group of people that I would have never had the privilege to communicate with otherwise. I keep my blog centered on motorcycles primarily because my life-long “Lone wolf” mentality towards riding naturally prevents me from sharing an experience that is so central to my being with other like minded individuals. This blogging experiment has been a positive experience and an enlightening one as well. I am grateful that I have this tool to meet with others who share similar passions, as diverse a group that we might otherwise be.

A friend of mine, after observing my little experiment with “moto-blogging”, expressed an interest in trying out blogging as well; mostly as an outlet for the day to day frustrations that he deals with in his career as a Law enforcement officer. I’ve listened to a number of his experiences and I believe that a lot of them would be an interesting read, especially for those of us who normally don’t have to deal with the type of critters that he works with around the clock.

In addition to writing about his job, I suggested that perhaps he should write about a number of his past experiences. Even though he wouldn’t necessarily admit it himself, he has led a pretty interesting life for a guy of only 34 years of age. From working on a Crab boat in the Bering Sea, to his experiences as the Crew Chief of an A-10 Warthog in the Air Force, one of those experiences involved crash landing in a C-130 in the Kuwaiti desert, literally bouncing off of the desert floor and then back into the air! I remember the night that he called to tell me that he was alright, while I watched the footage of it on CNN.

Also, he has taken an interest in Motorcycles; I suggested that perhaps he post his experiences about that as well . F.Y.I. he is the one who took the picture of me for my blog title.

He told me that he isn’t too concerned with whether or not folks read his posts, this is more of a journal for himself that others are welcomed to read, but I encourage you to check it out here, you might find some of this interesting, even if it isn’t always about motorcycles.

Ride Well


Kano said...

Funny how I've changed. I used to keep a journal and guard it with my life practically! I wanted to keep my thoughts private and now I journal through blogging which has the potential of millions to see me bare my soul! I think I've probably changed right along with the rest of society, TV and it's reality shows and programs like Donahue seem to have tempered people to public exposure. Nothing that shocking under the sun anymore!

Bill Sommers said...

Earl, I'm glad that your comment on my blogsite led me here. This is the kind of "moto-blog" site that I like to visit, and your easy style will have me dropping by often.

Have fun,

Charlie said...

As usual your post is a simple reading with a small insight into life from the views of others in the world. I love hearing the experiences people have that make them what they are. It is amazing what you can learn from people even if you have known them forever and a day.

Earl Thomas said...

Kano; It is a little odd at times, isn't it? A friend of mine who knew that I was always jotting my rambling thoughts down suggested that I should try blogging. Honestly, I didn't really know what a blog was. I had heard about them, but in my ignorance never really took the time to see what it was all about. I'm glad that he suggested it.

Bill; Thanks for the comments. I'll be visiting your site often as well.

Charlie; Ditto those thoughts, Right back at ya buddy.

John McClane said...

I kept a written journal while I was in Jordan and Egypt.

I wish I could retro-blog!

Earl Thomas said...

John: Occasionally I'll post some of my old journal entries as they relate to motorcycles, entries that I wrote down a long long time ago, and had forgotten about.