25 April 2008


I am looking forward to this weekend, mostly because the weather is promising to be in the mid-60's both Saturday and Sunday. I'm getting up early Saturday Morning to take the KLR in for it's 600 mile service, and then after that I'm hitting the road. Although the break-in calls for me to keep the rev's under 6000 RPM for a few more miles, at least now I can keep up with the traffic, when I'm confronted with them. Doug C. from "Cruising Ohio" has a little weather window on his blog site that has been terrorizing me lately with those wonderful temperatures, here in the Northwest, winter does not seem to want to give up. I've been riding to work in snow flurries and back home in hail storms. Ugggh.

I may venture over into Idaho to check up on an old Friend who is moving to Wallace this weekend, I'm pretty sure that I'll see my fair share of snow up in the passes, but as long as the temps are in the 60's, I'll fair just fine. Either way, I need to start packing the camera on my rides from now on so that I can share some photo's here on the site. I should definitely have something to write about other than weathering the snow, hail, and wind by the end of the weekend. T.G.I.F.

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