22 March 2008

Not much of a weekend to speak of really. The last few have involved one extra day of work, and then I try to stay home to do all of my chores on Sunday to get ready for the next week. Yesterday after I got off of work, I snuck up to Westside motorsports to "price some gear." What I was really doing there was spying on the KLR again. This time they have a red one on the floor with an aftermarket pipe. I don't want a pipe, and I don't really want a red one, but it did give me a chance to look at the three colors that are available, I've already seen the green and the blue ones. I'd have to say that after a whole winter of procrastination that I am probably going to get one in a few weeks or so. I was kind of on the fence for a little while, but my leg fell asleep and I fell off of it about a month or so ago, and the concussion that followed helped me to make up my mind (One of life’s little blessings, I like to think.........whatever works right?).

It'll be either green or blue, I'm okay with either. I really have to quit sneaking into the dealership after work though, it's really getting pathetic. I kind of told the salesmen that I was going to get one so they don't need to bother with the pitch anymore. When I was ready, I would let them know. They must see me coming through the front door and mumble to each other, "There's that odd middle aged guy again, coming to roost on the Kawasaki for a spell."
Honestly, there really is nothing more to see, I've been doing this all winter long, and I have the details of the bike memorized by now. I do wonder why I keep going back to the dealership and I think it's just because I haven't been this excited about buying a bike, or anything else for that matter, in a good twenty years. The anxiety is fun, I kind of feel like a kid again.


Steve Williams said...

I did the same thing with a Triumph and Vespa before finally taking one home.

Your description of being excited in a way that hasn't happened since being a kid reflects my experience exactly. And most days I ride it continues. It is absolutely the most continual fun I have had since building forts in the woods all those years ago...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Earl Thomas said...

Steve: As of yesterday, I finally took pity on the poor salesman and bought a green KLR the moment the wheels hit the sales floor. I believe that for me, the months of procrastination make the final purchase so much more satisfying.